We take a look at the three chefs changing the way London eats.




Tom Seller’s culinary story started at the age of 16 when he landed his first job working in a pub. Recognising his talent, Tom was encouraged by his boss to work in London, where he managed to get a job in the kitchen of Tom Aikens. It was under Tom Aikens that Tom learned how to cook Michelin star standard food. In 2013 Tom opened his first solo venture, Restaurant Story. At Story, Seller strives to offer his customers the most intelligent, inspired and well curated dining experience of their lives. The menu is designed to create a narrative through its courses, engaging with its audience and becoming unforgettable.

Restaurant Story gained its first Michelin star only five months after opening, a fine achievement for Seller who was 26 years old at the time.



Unlike many of her colleagues, Florence Knight did not know she wanted to be a chef at the age of ten. Instead, she trained at London College of Fashion, but soon decided it was a kitchen she wanted to work in, and so enrolled at Leiths Cookery School and spent endless hours offering to work for free. The turning point came in 2010, when she was appointed to run Polpetto in Soho. At first , the restaurant was meant to be a smaller version of sister restaurant Polpo, but after an intermission between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2014, the restaurant reopened, inspired by Knight’s ideal to ‘celebrate simplicity, flavour and texture’ with a renewed Venetian-inspired menu.




Ellen Parr spent her formative years working at Moro, Exmouth Market, where she realised her love for exotic ingredients. Parr recently travelled around South East Asia and India researching cooking methods, techniques and flavours. Unlike Seller and Knight, Ellen Parr is the brains behind ‘The Art of Social Dining‘, a supper club that draws in foodie enthusiasts from across the nation. Alongside set designer, Alice Hodge, Parr curates exciting events varying in themes from the likes of ‘The Servant’s Supper’ and ‘Gone Camping’. Expect unusual menu’s and lots of mystery.


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