On Saturday, we visited Wahacas Day of the Dead party at Tobacco Dock. I thought Wahaca captured the charm and spirit of the Mexican festival beautifully. The venue had taken on an ethereal, dark theme of the festival; The feeling of being lost in winding dark alleys, coloured only by brightly coloured flags or flowers, merely added to the Day of the Dead atmosphere.

The lower floor, coined ‘the floor of the dead’, featured a Mexican market, a wrestling ring and even a tattoo parlour. After wandering through the stalls, we headed upstairs to discover the range of Mexican food pop-ups and bars on offer. Wahaca and DF/ Mexico served up street food favourites including a variety tacos, quesadillas and Nachos. Highlights of the menu were the Salmon sashimi tostadas and freshly fried churros with melting chocolate.

Wahaca also hosted a supper club which was held at the back of the upper level. Prestigious Mexican chef Enrique Olvera and Wahaca’s Thommasina Miers served up an inventive twist of traditional Mexican cuisine through 5 courses.

Apart from the overwhelming crowds, the markets, food offers and live music worked together to form an authentic and immersive experience. Bring on 2016.

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