ALDI's Project Fresh consisted of concept creation, prototyping, wayfinding, and signage


Branding & Graphic Design, Concept Creation, Prototyping, Wayfinding, Signage

Richard Kiely

Aldi has long been winning awards for quality, innovation and disrupting the UK grocery market. Tight focus and an ambitious growth strategy has delivered over 7% of total market share in the UK. Aldi asked CADA to produce a new store concept to be rolled out for their “Project Fresh” transformation programme. This included concept creation, prototyping, and then design development, prior to moving into the current rollout and delivery programme.

Each store has its own specific, localised requirements, and also have to balance Aldi’s core messages of provenance and value. The speed of multiple stores opening or transforming is fast. Therefore, accuracy, pace and consistency are essential requirements in delivering the necessary graphics and implementation plans. 

To date the CADA team have designed the interior concept, signage and wayfinding for over 300 stores across the UK. Both CADA and Aldi’s collaborative working has resulted in improved agility, enabling unmatched prototyping capability.

This has enabled the team to deliver high quality work at pace, meeting the client’s demanding expectations. According to Aldi UK, CADA’s design concept is delivering the quickest payback after implementation in comparison to Aldi’s other international design concepts. 

FAB Winner

CADA’s work with Aldi has been awarded the FAB 2019 award for Retail Store Environment in the Business Effectiveness category. 

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