Our team partnered with Copenhagen branding agency Republica to transform a part of the Danish capital’s Central Station into an interactive food experience.

Branding & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Concept Development

Copenhagen Central Station is located in the heart of the city and is the gateway to all public transportation to, from and around the Danish capital. Our team worked with local branding agency Republica to transform a part of this historic building into a highly interactive, commercially successful food retail experience.
COOP’s vision is to breathe life into food culture once more. We interpreted this vision, focusing on diversity, taste and quality to create a beautiful, functional space. Bold and starkly contrasting materials lend a welcoming and theatrical feel to this historical building and make the most of its natural architectural advantages.
One key challenge was to ensure the space would be well used at all times, including during quieter periods when customer traffic was likely to be limited to off peak travellers. We sought to ensure that revenue would be protected during these day parts by creating a temporary film set in the centre of the space, to be used to host and film food TV programmes. The new store featured in Design Week, Design/Curial and shortlisted for FX Design, Blueprint and World Retail Awards.

CADA has, together with Republica, created a place that embraces both the historical site and COOP’s vision to breathe life into food culture once again. The design focus was on diversity, taste and quality and we think its been captured beautifully within the space. Through the use of bold interiors, design and materials, you are enticed by the theatrical surroundings that welcome you to explore the store.

Peter Zimmerman from Republica, Denmark

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