A charming restaurant with a combination of sophistication and comfort.

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José Pizarro is one of our local restaurateurs on buzzing Bermondsey Street with its plethora of independent, high quality bars, cafe and restaurants. Our teams were delighted to partner with José to create two sites for his José Tapas Bar and Pizarro Restaurant that would appeal to the discerning and demanding local clientele, city workers and residents alike. 

CADA produced a charming restaurant to build on his two sites in Bermondsey Street, José and Pizarro, with a combination of sophistication and comfort to help his new city clientele feel at home. The team at CADA have taken the essential elements from both of Jose’s other sites and have combined them into a new concept that is perfect for the City of London.

The key challenge was taking what is a relatively laid back, traditional Spanish cuisine concept and transferring it to the city, where the average customer’s expectations are more elevated. That said, José wished to maintain the sincerity and connection to his home in Spain – something which was crucial to the brand’s identity.

Responding to their mix of rustic materials and simple, personal design, we have developed the material palette and restaurant experience to reflect a new and combined menu in addition to the new City of London location. The result is a matured, sophisticated yet relaxed interior that well supports José’s award-winning cooking and remains faithful the spirit of Bermondsey Street.

Featured in: WeHeart and Time Out

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