We worked with Emart to create a scalable world food court for rollout.


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Peacock Kitchen logo
South Korean retail group Shinsegae needed an innovative world food court for their new generation of Emart stores. We worked with the Shinsegae team to design ‘Peacock Kitchen’, a stimulating, welcoming and novel environment that invites consumers to try new world cuisines and purchase related products and ingredients.
The core challenge was to create a physical space capable of housing a number of tempting, distinct take-away options and a range of associated goods. It needed to be scalable and fit for rollout.
Our teams devised a collection of 15 discrete food concepts, each with its own visual identity and merchandising for Peacock Products to boost the average value of each customer’s visit. Examples include a retro Americana hot dog food truck, a Lemonade & Potato cart, a customisable salad bar and hot curry and pho stations, housed in a youthful overarching interior that complements each offer.
Peacock Kitchen brands

The design was critically and commercially successful, featuring in Echo Chamber and many other digital platforms. It is scheduled to be applied to the forthcoming new generation of Emart stores and launched as a standalone concept.

‘CADA are a world class agency with a superb portfolio of food projects which span the globe. They have worked their magic again, here in Seoul.’ Matthew Brown, Echo Chamber.

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