We have a long-established relationship collaborating with the Tesco brand both in terms of core company strategy and current interior design.

Branding & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Concept Creation, Design Strategy

In our longstanding partnership with Tesco, we have developed a range of new food retail concepts, as well as integrated efficient and engaging merchandising principles in order to support a greater emphasis on food quality and provenance.

Working in partnership with Tesco, we helped define an evolved look and feel for the fresh elements instore. These include fruit and veg and the bakery.
By lowering the ceiling over particular elements, and using natural materials including timber, we were able to create a warmer ambiance throughout the store to improve the customer journey.
We also implemented a warmer lighting scheme to encourage shoppers to see produce in its best light, and therefore nudge them to make a purchase.

Cost-sensitivity was one of the greatest challenges of the project, and we worked alongside Tesco to ensure that each material choice would be as close to cost-neutral as possible.

Our concept has been rolled-out across the Tesco estate and has had a significant impact on the food retail landscape.

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