Kasa and Kin worked with our designers to bring a sense of Filipino culture to the likes of Soho in spectacular fashion!


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Kasa and Kin approached CADA Design with a brand-new concept conceived over the covid-19 lockdown period.

The brilliant minds behind Romulo Café in Kensington worked with our designers to bring a sense of Filipino culture to the likes of Poland Street.

The goal was to create a place to have a bakery, take-away and restaurant under one roof. Our Senior Interior Design Team Leader has created a blended concept to house these different offers.

The branding of both the restaurant/ cafe and the bakery share one unified, consistent theme with sufficient differentiation for customers.

The space allows the customer to be transported to Manila through bright colours, vibrant food, and interior features.

For instance, terracotta, grey concrete, vibrant orange and black bricks have been purposefully curated to give a feeling of warmth for the restaurant.

Further, the lighter greens, creams, and muted bamboo paired with a more delicate font. As a result, this gives a lightness and airy feeling to the bakery.

Certain elements are common throughout, such as the floating rafts and the woven bamboo.

The jewel-like pendants and green wall with the delicate logo gives the feeling of being in the bakery.

The bold colouring and natural material features in the main restaurant play on the all day dining element.

In addition, multiple light features in the entire eatery give space for a more intimate and cosy feel for evening and brightness for the day. 

The arrival of Kasa and Kin has firmly put a Filipino stamp on London. Make a reservation today and take a trip to the Philippines!

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