Masalchi is one of Chef Atul Kochhar’s newest ventures into casual dining.


Interior Design

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Masalchi is Chef Atul Kochhar’s newest venture. Masalchi is the name of the person employed by a food establishment purely to manage the blending and grinding of spices. Moreover, the name acts as inspiration for the food and also had a hand in inspiring the design.

We jumped at the chance to sit down with Chef Atul Kochhar and CADA Founding Director David Callcott to discuss this project.

We’ve created a space with subtle tones to bring out the vibrancy of the cuisine. The colour scheme is synonymous with natural dyes that are signature exports of the Indian sub continent. Indigo hues with gold accents are prominent throughout Masalchi interiors.

Long communal tables reflect the sharing plates theme and casual dining ambiance Chef Kochhar is introducing for the first time.

Masalchi Entrance

The spice market feel in the environment disrupts the overarchingly purposeful design of the space. This brings people together to enjoy the sharing plates under pendant lighting, giving each individual table a more intimate feel.

Masalchi Corner
Masalchi Tables

Masalchi is a  charming addition to the Wembley Park area. The restaurant is a magnet for current and prospective residents in the neighbourhood’s new properties. Visit Chef Atul Kochhar’s first casual dining experience, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and delicious food!

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