Five well known brands can work in a unified environment


Interior Design

Richard Kiely

Boparan Restaurant Group approached CADA Design to create a unique environment for their brands – ‘The Restaurant Hub’. A new partnership with Sainsbury’s to improve the customer experience in Sainsbury’s Selly Oak, Birmingham, to be followed by a potential roll-out across the UK.

The food court hosts five Boparan brands; Ed’s Easy Diner, Harry Ramsden’s, Slim Chickens, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and led by Caffe Carluccio’s.

Restaurant Hub Food Court

The main concept was to relay the identity of Carluccio’s into a recognisable café format within the supermarket. Above all ensuring the five well-known brands work in a unified environment.

The Restaurant Hub Food Court

The seating area creates a comfortable space between all the counters therefore allowing unique brand identifiers to stand out. In addition, the acoustic ceiling feature not only enhances the design of the space but also dampens sound reverberation.

The Restaurant Hub

The accent lighting creates warmth and plays off the timber features around the room. The precision lighting focuses on the various seating and materials in the entire space.

On one side there is Caffe Carluccio’s, with small hot and cold food and drinks along with Carluccio’s branded pantry items. However, the opposite end hosts the other four brands. The kitchen and front facing counters were designed to accommodate enough space for each brand’s food offerings all the while ensuring a harmonised working space for all teams working in the kitchen.

In conclusion, The Restaurant Hub operates with its own whimsy and presence. Similarly, it has its own environment and is distinctly separate to the supermarket it is attached to.

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