A premium retail F&B and experience concept and a unique dining and retail experience for foodies.


Branding & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Packaging Design

Richard Keily

We overcame a number of challenges to bring Kernel & Roast to market. The main one was the scope of the project: creating a new, unique concept from scratch. The project was also privately funded. This meant we had to comply with the founder’s vision. A final challenge was in complying with the strict codes set out by Westfield, the landlord.

Our team worked collaboratively to create the new brand identity and interior design. This included initial strategic workshops to determine the name, brand values and messaging. The graphic design team worked to produce a suite of visual brand elements including the logo.

The Kernel & Roast brand and graphic designs were then transposed onto a large range of packaging materials.

Above all, a serious amount of thought went into the appropriateness of materials for the packaging. Packaging matters greatly to the project because gifting is an essential component of the retail offer.

Graphics interfaced heavily with interiors, ensuring brand consistency across 2D and 3D elements of the K&R concept. The 3D built environment is forward-thinking by combining retail, dining and experience. It heroes the incredible food and beverage on offer through a carefully curated palette of materials, displays and lighting.

We worked in collaboration with the founder and his team, as well as with Westfield, to bring K&R to life. Gentle steering was applied where appropriate. Our project management team supervised the build process, guaranteeing a high level of polish on the final project.

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